Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 33: Took a Soldier and His Family to a Game

As you have probably noticed, I am a huge fan of supporting the men and women of our armed forces. They give up so much to protect our freedoms and don't ever ask for anything in return. So as this mission of kindness continues, you will see numerous acts done for soldiers both home and abroad. Anything in my power that I can do to show my gratitude towards a soldier will be done. Even if it is something as simple as saying a quick "Thank you", I encourage you to express your appreciation to them in some way.

Today's random act of kindness is one of my attempts to thank a soldier for all that he has done. Along with my wife, I am going to be taking Army Staff Sgt. John La Giglia and his family to a Northwestern basketball game. Staff Sgt. La Giglia recently returned home to Chicago from his second tour in the Middle East and has been serving in the military since 2000. I can barely stay away from my wife and daughter for a few days, so I can't even imagine what he and his family have endured being away from each another for so long. Although I will surely say it later this evening, I want to use this forum to say thank you to Staff Sgt. La Giglia (and all of the men and women of our armed forces). Thank you for making our world a safer place. Thank you for sacrificing so much for your family, for your friends, and even for strangers. Thank you for being someone that my daughter can look up to as a role model as she grows older. Tonight should be a blast!

UPDATE: Tonight was, in fact, a blast. John and his family couldn't have been nicer, and I am so happy that they were able to go. Northwestern surprised everyone by making John and his family honorary captains for the game. They brought them down for a ceremony at midcourt and presented John with a jersey with his name on it. Overall, it was a tremendous night.


  1. Okay day 33 really rocks for me as a Marine mom whose son will deploy again this year. Thank you so much for your "random acts". I pray that we all pick up on what a truly inspirational life you are living. I also thank our servicemen and women from the bottom of my heart for your service and your sacrifice - you are HEROES!

  2. So I was checking out Blogs of Note for new blogs to follow and recognized the picture of a family and their daughter from my son's class. Holy cow - what a great idea you have here and what a wonderful way to honor our military. If you're interested, I posted the video of John's return to the neighborhood on my blog: Happy to be your newest follower!