Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Story of My Wife

The past few months have been incredibly difficult due to the hospitalization of my son.  You would think with a child in the ICU and sleeping on a hospital couch for most nights, I would have lost my mind by now, but that hasn't been the case.  The biggest reason for the maintenance of my sanity has been having my wife by my side to keep me positive and grounded.  I love her so much for being the driving force in balancing time spent with my daughter at home and making sure my son is getting the best possible care/treatment possible.  Her birthday was this past Sunday, so I wanted to do something special for her to show her how much she means to me.  I reached out to the awesome folks at Jokes 4 Miles, a terrific non-profit whom I had done a couple of my 366 Random Acts with before, and they helped me in the creation of my wife's present.  So without further adieu, I present to you The Story of My Wife by No Direction.


  1. Fabulous! Hope your son gets better soon.

  2. That's just wonderful! I hope your wife has a wonderful birthday! :)


  3. I will be singing along with this for days. Catching tune and phrasing. Love the background. Hope your son is growing stronger each day.

  4. Lovely! you are lucky to have such a wonderful companion.. I hope your son gets better:) take care

  5. Hope your son is geting better,
    Writing is a good way to get the fellings out, i also write, and it gets a little better
    Good luck