Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm Back...And I Need Your Help!

On March 18th, 1995, after retiring from the game 2 years prior and playing baseball within the White Sox organization, Michael Jordan returned to the game he loved with a fax that simply read "I'm Back."  Well it may not have the same gravitas (or outdated technology), but I am here to say that after a few delays to my comeback (similar to another famous Chicago Bull), I am back in the kindness game.  Seeing my 20 month old daughter perform a random act of kindness really got me itching to get back out there and do things for others.  The plan has always been to start my next mission of doing a random act in each state (State of Kind) and so starting today, I am going to get off of my butt and begin the process.  Due to how expensive and time consuming it would be to travel to each state, it will take longer than a year, but I am dedicated to bringing kindness from sea to shining sea (Hawaii and Alaska too).  However, I am going to need some help with all of this, so I am looking for some help.  As with 366 Random Acts, I am going to be taking suggestions from all of you for random acts in each state.  I'll also need help in terms of coordination once we decide what to do in each state.  I would love to involve as many followers to this blog as possible, so please feel free to join in!

One of the first things I am looking to do involves helping someone with a disability complete a race/5K/Triathlon, so if anyone, anywhere knows someone, please let me know (366RandomActs@gmail.com). 


  1. Whoooohooo! So glad to see you back in the game! If you need a place to stay in NY state, drop me a line!


  2. Whoa finally. It's good to see you back. Keep spreading love and kindness. The world needs you now more than ever. Cheers.
    PS-You are my inspiration. Keep doing what u're doing. And thank you.
    For being you. Just you.
    Cheers again.
    With love,
    A disciple of sorts. :)

  3. Good luck, and I'm glad you're back! When you come to Texas, you're welcome to stay with us, we would love to have you. One piece of advice, don't come to Houston in the summer!

  4. This is why I never stopped following your blog. I knew you would be back. I'll do some brainstorming with friends. We are all over the map here in California so I'm sure we can come up with something. And if you end up near Hermosa Beach, you always have a place to stay.


  5. That's what it's all about. Good Show! Be safe.

  6. Very excited to see this; I started "following" you after the 366 was completed but loved reading them, very inspirational to me and trying to remind myself to get out there and help others, 'cause this whole world doesn't revolve around me :) Looking forward to following you and seeing your ideas, your readers, and hopefully being able to contribute possibly as well!

  7. So glad to see you are back! If you need any help in North Carolina I can help out!!!

  8. So glad to see that you're back! I started an acts of random kindness group at my university last year and enjoyed getting inspiration from your blog. When you come to Washington, you could come do an outreach with us! We're in the Seattle area and have plenty of acts planned for the fall. You can email us (or me haha) at actsofrandomkindnessnu@gmail.com if you want to meet up.

    Oh and here is our blog where I've been posting things!

  9. This is SO good - such an inspiring idea. Be the Change.


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